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At the Malibu Learning Center Jill Greenberg provides a unique tutoring approach that permanently strengthens processing skills for better reading and academic learning. It often takes more than a tutor to improve ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing, processing speed and memory.

Success Stories

“Mary and I have observed absolutely positive changes in our son’s behavior and performance the past two months. Most surprising is his improvement in karate. Although he has taken lessons for two years, he never appeared really focused. Three weeks ago I began seeing a dramatic change. His eyes no longer wandered to where I am sitting and he has become intent on listening and following the instructor’s directions. We recently received unsolicited extraordinary comments from his teacher about changes in school. He has become much more focused. He often completes his homework in school rather than at home. Josh is proud of the extremely high marks he received on his final PACE exam and now insists on going farther. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you for guiding Josh in this wonderful program.

“Today our boy received straight A’s on his fifth grade report card. He was also nominated for a Youth Award by the Malibu Optimist Club for academics, character and service. We are so proud of him. As you know, when you began working with him in the second grade, he needed a lot of help. We are grateful for your knowledge, passion for seeking new and innovative programs that work and, in particular, knowing which program will work. I am such a big believer in the Listening Program because this program saved my son. We have always recognized his potential and you have been a partner with us in “excavating” this and planting seeds that are now bearing fruit. Please accept our thanks and know that we will never forget the role you played in our precious boy’s early years.

“When my son came to you he called himself “stupid”, his attention span was non-existent and his behavior was verging on ADD. Over a six-month period you changed all that and we now have the son that we knew was there. You also taught us how to help and be better parents. Nothing is easy but I believe you make it as easy as it gets. We are forever in your debt. See you in the summer for a tune-up.

“I want to let you know how thrilled I am with Bronson’s progress after PACE. There is something extremely unique to this program. In my fourteen years of teaching, I’ve never before seen such a dramatic change in a student. My Bronson has gained both confidence and ability with this supplement to our regular school program. In September, he was an emergent reader. His decoding, word attack and reading fluency have all improved and he is now reading on grade level.

“I wanted to give you an update on our daughter. Fourth grade was lackluster and the school recommended Special Education placement because they felt that she couldn’t keep up in school. They also diagnosed her with Asperger’s. We did not agree with this diagnosis but we recognized her problems in school. All summer you worked with her to hone her skills and response times. Happily, fifth grade was a very positive experience. She kept up with her homework and was less anxious about school. This year in middle school things have continued to improve. She fully participates in regular classes and received A’s and B’s. She does math homework in a snap and the PACE tools continue to be effective. Most importantly, she had a blast at the middle school dance.

“We can’t thank you and Adam enough for changing our lives. Before we worked with you we were frustrated and desperate. Oliver took three hours to do his homework every night and I thought he was lazy and procrastinating. I had major concerns about socialization as well. He lacked confidence and had low self esteem. He would puff himself up by telling magical stories.”

“Let me tell you about Oliver’s incredible improvements. Academically he has improved in every subject and he is no longer the last one to finish his homework. Physically he is more coordinated and he practices karate with much more conviction. His moves are stronger and more fluid, like night and day. He no longer needs to tell tall tales with his friends and he is more patient with them. We never argue at home about doing chores. We are so proud of him now. Working with you has changed our family life.

“Marisa’s learning disabilities were diagnosed early – when she was six years old – and at the time we were given strong advice. “Don’t look for the silver bullet – don’t try to SOLVE her problems – Manage them as best you can. That advice served us well enough through elementary school, but by the end of middle school it was clear to us that Marisa would have significant difficulty in high school if we continued the same path. That was when we enrolled her in your program.

“Our only regret is that we did not enroll her earlier when we first heard about you. Reading comprehension, processing speed and academic performance have improved with amazing speed. There is no doubt that your program is effective. And there is no end to our amazement at the speed with which that improvement has been achieved. If we can help to persuade others to become involved in your program, we would consider it a privilege to return the blessings we have received. We are eternally appreciative for all you have done.

“Caitlin is doing beautifully in middle school and is 100% mainstreamed with no resource support. This was nothing less than a dream come true, prayers answered, wishes fulfilled on all of our parts. This only came true because of your intervention and all of our hard team work. Caitlin is the true poster child for your work. Her learning disabilities were a huge challenge but you gave her the tools to hit the ground running when taking on all her school endeavors.

“Maggie’s quote on seeing the improvements on her final PACE test –

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